Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Make It Happen

An online forum group, of which I am a member, posted a Question of the Day:

List Three To Five Goals You Have For the Future

Here is the list that I quickly typed:

1. To be debt free
2. To have a closer walk with the Lord for my family and myself
3. To become a wife that encourages my husband
4. To get my house and life organized
5. To learn to quilt
6. To write a book

Okay…I know there are six…but sometimes it’s hard to stop with five.

After I typed out the list, I never did get around to posting it. I think one reason I didn’t was that it made me uncomfortable to put my goals down in print. As long as they are just floating around in my head, then I am safe…but to put them in print…well, that’s a whole different ball game. That changes them from just hopes or dreams, to real, live goals…and goals require action.

Hmm…when did I become a person who shrinks from goals? At one time, I was very goal-oriented. I knew how to set goals and how to attain them. I knew that once a goal was set, I must create an action plan…broken down into small, manageable tasks…lists and sub-lists…you get the idea. I am an organizer at heart. I never set goals just for the sake of setting a goal…if I had a goal, I would work and work until the goal was met. Maybe that is why I’m reluctant to set goals now…because I have been afraid that I don’t have the time/energy/motivation to get it done.

Anyway, I have publicly posted my goals, so now the next step is to come up with a plan on how I will get to where I want to be…a roadmap, if you will, of how to get there from here. Then I will set about making life choices that line up with my plan, in order to meet my goals. I cannot keep doing what I’m doing now and expect change to occur.

It’s as easy as that. Okay…so maybe it won’t be easy…in fact, I can just about guarantee that it won’t be easy…but I do believe it can be done.

What choices are you making today to work toward your goals? Remember, a goal without a plan is just a dream...and dreams end when you wake up.


Scratchin' the Surface said...

Hi Deidre, if you'd really like to learn to quilt, "Your First Quilting Book or It Should Be" is really great. Not very expensive, and shows you step by step everything you need to know. xoxoox

~Deidra~ said...

Thanks...I'll have to get it! My mom quilted, but she passed away several years ago and I didn't get her to me teach me.