Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's Not Debatable

I just watched the Presidential Debate. I know that it's probably not "politically correct" to talk politics, but at the risk of offending some, I feel that I have to say what's on my mind.

The candidates were put in a position that they had to lay out their stands on many controversial issues on which many people have very strong opinions. One of these issues was abortion. The question that brought up this topic had to do with appointing Supreme Court Judges and whether or not the potential judge's belief on pro-life issues would influence Obama/McCain's decision to appoint them.

Senator Obama was very clear about the fact that he believes Roe v. Wade was a good decision and he supports a woman's choice to abort. He also made it clear that a potential Supreme Court Judge's view on this subject would matter to him.

I realize that there are other issues on the table. Our country is in a serious economic meltdown and we are in a war that many citizens do not support. Lack of health care is a problem for many and our educational system needs help.

But I cannot help but think that the issue of abortion is a fundamental one that sets the moral climate of our country. Until this practice of allowing mothers the option to have their babies killed is stopped, NOTHING in our country will be as it should.

I'm a big believer in the principal of sowing and reaping. If American Christians vote in a man who promises tax breaks and health care, choosing the promise of economic help, while turning a blind eye to the fact that this man supports the mass murder of innocent lives, then we will all reap from that decision.

Our country hangs in the balance of what happens at the polls in a few weeks.

Pray, people...please pray.


Mandye said...

Deidre, I fully 'AMEN' your statement. While watching last night, I felt like I was watching our country be decieved by a slick conman. Satan was the most beautiful angle, lest me forget. I can't say much on my blog, as I'm bound by laws requiring me to stay non-partisan as a Government Employee, but I had to send an 'Amen' your way. We're praying in our house! CHRISTIANS-TURN OUT ON ELECTION DAY AND LET OUR VOICE BE HEARD!!!

Elysa said...

And not just early trimester abortions...but LATE TERM ABORTIONS where the baby is already out of the womb and basically all but born. And if my information is correct, he also supported legisislation that would not require babies that survived botched abortions to receive medical care.

So it's no debate over whether an abortion is just getting rid of some cell matter...these are definitely BABIES!

Just makes me very, very sad.

Tonya said...

I came over to say THANKS for the birthday wishes for Zach. He really enjoyed all the attention! However, like the other ladies that've commented... I have to send COUNTLESS AMENS your way!

GOD DOES let us reap from what we sew... Time and time again countries were destroyed because they followed the way of an immoral leader.

We DEFINITELY NEED TO PRAY like we never have before for our country!

Tonya said...
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