Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snow Day

We woke up Friday morning to a Winter Wonderland. I don't think I have ever seen snow like this in Mississippi before. Schools were canceled and children played all around our neighborhood. Our electricity went off around 8:30 and I started wondering what we were going to do if it didn't come back on soon, since our gas heat is dependent on electricity to run. Thankfully it was only off about four hours.

Here are a few photos of Mike and BK playing in our front yard.

The trees were just beautiful, thickly covered with snow.

Of course, there has to be a snowball fight. Get ready.....


SPLAT! What a good sport Daddy is.

Here is BK with her first snowman. He only has one eye because one grape fell off and she couldn't find it. She was so proud of her creation.

The snow was still there Saturday too, so she was able to play again. I heard on the news last night that there was snow on the ground in 49 of the states. The government has no record of that ever happening before. So much for global warming...heh.

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great for the scrapbook.