Monday, January 14, 2008

Birthday Thoughts

Today is my birthday. Those who love me remembered. I was taken out for lunch by my sisters...out to dinner by hubby and daughter...received a sweet card from a precious friend that moved out of state last year...and also a few email greetings. It was a good day.

So I'm now one year closer to being old enough to join AARP...even though I do have a few years left before that milestone.

Hopefully I'm not just another year older, but wiser as well. Some things a person just doesn't learn until they have walked down the road a know?

There is the temptation to be lament my youth and the years that I will never see again. But I am choosing to be thankful...

for yesterday...the lessons learned and the memories that fill my heart with joy

for today...for everything that makes my life so full...

for tomorrow...and the hope of growing in love, as I grow closer to the One who IS love

Happiness is fleeting...but joy is eternal...I choose joy.


Anonymous said...

As we told Josh,over and over are so loved. We don't say it very often but it is there and I hope you feel it. You will always be DeeDee to me and the memories I have of you as a baby. As BK goes through her years, I can't help but remember you at her age. You were a precious child. What happened? :)

Lisa said...

Happy belated Birthday Deidra!
Big hugs of JOY from Tupelo,