Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Preparing an Emergency Go-Bag

For years I have read about the importance of putting together a "go-bag" - an emergency kit that allows you to relocate quickly in case of an emergency or disaster.  While I already have most of the recommended items in my house, they are not all together in one place and would take time to assemble...time that I might not have in an emergency situation.

Rod Ellis wrote a great article explaining in detail how to prepare a go-bag and how the items in the bag can be used.  I am determined to get our go-bag ready...just in case...and this article is proving to be an enormous help.  If you are interested in reading it, click here.


Deanna said...

The closest thing I have to a "go" bag is a small rubbermaid container in the closet. I have always had a fear of needing things after a tornado. I don't know why I think that a tornado would blow our house away and leave us and that little box, but for reason I have had that box just for that reason. Ha!

Anonymous said...

I have something like this that I keep in our van. It would work for a go-bag, but I mostly keep it for when we are out and about. It has 2 changes of clothes, down to underwear and socks and flip-flops for everyone and a jacket, gloves and hat for everyone, formula, a towel and bottled water, flashlight and a few toys and books. I was always mad about going somewhwere and being too cold, or getting wet/dirty and having to tough it out. And I am always paranoid about getting stuck on the interstate after a big wreck and not having any bottles for the babies. I need to get some snacks in there.