Sunday, July 19, 2009

Extended Vacation

We have been planning and canceling vacations for four years now. Something always comes up that gobbles up whatever little money we managed to put back for fun. This summer, we finally decided to go down to the coast for a few days, just to get away before Mike has to go back to work.

About an hour before we got there, it started to rain and storm on us. Finally it was raining so hard that I had to pull over in the middle of nowhere, at a dump of a convenience store, to try and wait for it to pass because I couldn't see. While we were sitting there, my windshield wipers broke. I mean really broke...stuck together in the middle...bent...then finally would not move at all.

I called AAA and told them where we were and they said they could send a truck to tow us, but only two of us could ride in the truck with them. So I waited until the rain wasn't so hard and got back on the road...without the rain. It was only about 4 miles to a Goodyear, but it felt like 100 miles, going 35 miles an hour with my flashers on.

The Goodyear folks said that the whole wiper assemblies were stripped and of course NO ONE had them in stock. They called two salvage yards, but they didn't have them either. We were planning to come back Sunday, but they said that if they order them they next day (Friday), they won't be there until Monday.

Not wanting to drive home and chance getting into rain, we had to extend our trip by a day. Who would have thought after a month of drought, it would be rain that messed us up. We tried to not not worry too much about it, and stopped by K-Mart to buy some Rain-X, so that if it rained on us over the weekend it wouldn't be so bad.

All of that aside, we have really had a great time. Friday we went to Lynn Meadows Discovery Center. That was the first time I have ever been there and I was SO impressed! BK had a great time and cried when we had to leave. It was full of fun things to see and do. Of course we went to the beach and took some pics. But probably the most fun thing has been that there is an indoor pool here at the hotel, so they have been swimming every evening.

I have been snapping photos all weekend and I will try to get some posted when we get home tomorrow.

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