Monday, May 7, 2012

I Don't Understand

I have been thinking about something since church yesterday and I have to admit that I really can't quite wrap my head around it.

The members of one of the Cell Groups at my church are reading through Max Lucado's book Outlive Your Life. During this study, they have been challenged to reach out in the community and make a difference.

What they shared with the rest of the church yesterday was that they had become aware that some of the children in our community were hungry and that they may only be eating when they are at school because they don't have food at home. The group is collecting food to bring to families in need and they shared about delivering to one family recently, when many other children came running asking, "Did you bring food for us too?"

This is where it gets fuzzy for me and I might be showing my ignorance or naivety by even asking about this. I just truly do not understand...but I want to.

I know that everyone doesn't have the same as everyone else and there are those who live in poverty. But we do live in the land of plenty, right? We are not talking about a third-world country.

With government agencies issuing food stamps, food banks and other charitable resources and churches all around who have food pantries, WHY are there hungry children???

Don't get me wrong...I am really excited for this group of friends who are listening to God and stepping out in faith to make a change. It has just caused me to ask more questions that I have answers. 

I sure hope I will get some comments. Tell me what you think.

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Dee said...

I will try again. Wendi had this happen several times when she taught at Florence. The parents sell their food stamps for cash to buy drugs and alcohol. Wendi used to put food in a little boys backpack. Freddie's neice in NC is a school social worker and she sees a lot of hungry children because of this. Their addictions take precedence over love for their kids . It is sadDeidra