Monday, October 29, 2007

Limping Through Life

I broke a toe last week. You just can't imagine that a tiny little bone could hurt so much...oh...but it does! I'm limping through life these days. When I was thinking about that tonight, I wondered just how long I've been "limping through" other areas of my life.

In Sunday School this week, a lady who was sharing the lesson told us about something that Max Lucado had written. It had to do with life being like an ice cream sundae...and how we shouldn't complain if there isn't a cherry on's still an ice cream sundae. That struck a chord in me. It's so easy to look for what's wrong. I'm trying to shift my focus to all the things that are right...and to be thankful.'s to cherry-less sundaes...and may we all learn to enjoy despite the fact that it might not be perfect.

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