Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Son Shine

Today is one of those overcast, gloomy days that tend to make me feel a little gloomy as well. I happened to remember a poem that I wrote several years ago and thought I would share it here.

Son Shine

When darkest clouds cover the sky
And the day's light is almost nil,
I know that high above the clouds
The sun shines brightly still.

So it is with the storms of life
Bringing doubt, confusion and pain.
I search about for a ray of light
But I can only see the rain.

I have to look with eyes of faith
To be able to truly see
That the light of Jesus always shines
Regardless of what it looks like to me.

So, high above my circumstances,
No matter how they seem so real,
The Father watches over His child
And the Son shines brightly still.

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