Saturday, December 6, 2008

Saturday Thoughts

This post is going to be a hodgepodge of thoughts and ideas. I have a lot of different things on my mind.

**I am still being held captive in my home by little four-legged terrorists. A person's home should be the one place that they can rest and relax without worry or fear. We have put out traps and have caught a few of them, especially since Mike re-baited the traps using a whole peanut sticking out of some peanut butter. We have searched for how they are coming in and have sealed a few holes. I called an exterminator and they told me that they would do what I'm already doing, so I'm not wasting money on that. I am so sick of this and just want my home back.

**We took BK and my grandsons to the Natural Science Museum this morning to make ornaments for the birds. Well, what do you suppose they had for the kids to make the ornaments with? They had bread, popcorn, crackers, cranberries, grapes, apples, oranges, cheerios and donuts. Now, kids are kids...and it was getting close to lunch time, so everyone was having to fight with their kids to keep them from eating the stuff...not a good idea. But we all had a good time. When we got home, Mike helped BK hang her ornaments in "her" little tree in our front yard. I'm sure the birds will enjoy the treats.

**If you are feeling stressed this holiday season, I found an article promising to help. If you would like to read it, click here.

**I went to a CPC volunteer luncheon this week and the speaker said something that has reverberated in my spirit for days now. She said that especially in these days when there is so much gloom and doom around us, we must be "women of faith and not women of feelings." That was such a good message to us all. As women, we sure do get stuck in our feelings, don't we?

We may not have all the answers and we certainly don't know what tomorrow will bring for any of us. But the constant in the life of a Christian is that our Father holds the world in his hands and He knows the future that He has planned for each of us. We don't have to know they whole story...we will be okay as long as we keep our eyes on Him and just do the next right thing.

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Spring Fricks said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm so glad you did since now I have found your blog.

I also have a three year old princess and when she is not throwing a tantrum, she is the absolute delight of my world. I am a better person because of her and I thank God for that!

I loved your many thoughts. I will definitely be back by to read more.