Friday, January 30, 2009

God's Big Kids Helping His Little Ones

My friend Elysa was a missionary right after college and she lived in Swaziland in Africa for a couple of years.  She fell in love with the people and was able to go back for a short trip last year with her two oldest daughters.  This trip totally changed her life and now she devotes a lot of her time telling about the Swazi people...that's how I learned about this.

Even though Swaziland is a small country, it has the highest rate of HIV/AIDS in the world.  There are thousands of orphaned children who just have to fend for themselves...little kids taking care of each other.  Mission groups like Children's Hopechest are trying to help by building places that the children walk for miles to come and get a meal once a day.  The missionaries play with the kids and show the love of Christ to them.  It is really a good thing.  The groups attempt to get corporate sponsorship for the Carepoints, but sometimes that falls through and they need people to help.  That's where we come in.  For $34 a month, you can sponsor a child to provide physical, spiritual and educational needs.  We can be God's "big kids" taking care of His little kids.

Mike and I have decided to sponsor a little girl who is 4 years old...just like BK.  This is a legit organization and all the money goes directly to helping these children.  I know that money is tight, but would you please pray about sharing your blessings with one of these children?  They have 70 more kids that need sponsors.  If you want to know more, just leave a comment with your email address and will send you the info.

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