Friday, June 15, 2007

He Will Make A Difference

My great-nephew Josh is taking off a semester of college at USM to go halfway across the world to follow his convictions. He will be leaving in August with the Word Made Flesh organization to spend four months in Calcutta, India (or Kolkata as it is now spelled), working in a hospice, ministering to the poor, hurting and dying. From his own words: "As patients come in, we will basically care for and love them as best we can. We have such jobs as bathing, feeding, massaging, and making them smile, just so when their time comes to leave this earth, they will do so feeling loved and taken care of; something we all deserve." The team will also work with those involved in human trafficking.

In the last few weeks, I have been privileged to catch a glimpse of the depth of this young man's love of God and for those that others consider "untouchable." I am so proud of him for following his heart and taking this leap of faith.

This trip will cost over $5000 and he has to raise the money himself. I am asking for prayer for Josh and the team with whom he will be traveling...for their safety and the many lives they will touch...and also for his mom, sister and grandmother (my sister) to give them peace while Josh is gone. If you are interested in blessing Josh financially and being a part of this life-changing adventure, email me and I'll give you the mailing info.

Thanks in advance for your prayers and support.

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