Friday, November 23, 2007

A Star Shall Lead Them

I love Christmas. I love decorating and traditions...baking cookies...hiding gifts...riding around to see Christmas lights. I read a great idea tonight that I think we will incorporate into our family traditions...having a birthday cake on Christmas Eve and singing Happy Birthday to Jesus.

I braved Wal-Mart this morning. Even though I did not set my clock for four a.m., I still think I got a few good deals. One thing I picked up was a new star for our tree. When I saw it on the highest shelf, it immediately caught my eye. There are no lights or other flashy embellishments. It's just a beautiful red star that looks like it is crafted from the thorns that were used to make the crown for Jesus when he was crucified. How appropriate that it was red...for the blood that He shed. He was born to die...for me. I found the symbolism too appealing to leave it there on the shelf.

So I brought it home to adorn our tree. There was just one problem. It is too heavy for the artificial tree. I thought I would have to return it, but looked around to see if I could use it somewhere else. I decided to see if it would go on top of a plant I have in our den. So now my corn plant is sporting a beautiful red star. Maybe it's happier there anyway.

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