Friday, February 8, 2008

Low Rider

Baby Girl got a new tricycle and now she zooms around the house...sometimes giving her babies a ride. Of course it had to be pink and purple! At three years old, she wants to be both a big girl ("I want to do it myself!") and a little girl too (notice that is her "night-night" blanket that she drags around with her).

Motherhood is all about encouraging her independence, while nurturing and offering a helping hand when needed. Buckle's going to be a long ride.



Leslie said...

What a doll!!! I know she must bring you great joy! I can tell you live life fully and the fact that you even ponder the future will probably mean you'll have few regrets.

I am thankful for you and your encouragment. Your words are a sweet breath of love. Thank you for what you share here and also the encouragment you leave me on my blog.


~Deidra~ said...

Thank you Leslie...your words mean so much to me!