Saturday, November 1, 2008

Of Mice And Men

I've been MIA all week from my semi-regular blog posts. What can I's been one of "those" weeks. You know the kind.

First of all, I've been sick for a month now. Even after a trip to the doctor and several meds, I just can't seem to shake this cough. When someone is sick and tired, everything in the world seems to look a little gloomy.

Then, a week ago we realized that we had an unwelcome guest in our home...a mouse. Now, to fully understand the ramifications of that statement, you must know that I have rodent phobia. Not just the normal aversion to creepy-crawlies, but a full-fledged phobia that developed years ago.

When faced with the object of my phobia, I just lose it...totally. Wikipedia defines a specific phobia as: "...a generic term for any kind of anxiety disorder that amounts to an unreasonable or irrational fear related to exposure to specific objects or situations."

You cannot reason with a phobia. You cannot talk yourself out of the fear. You cannot shame yourself into acting like a grown up.

It is what it is...and it's not pretty.

So, to say that I've been a little "out of sorts" this week is an understatement.

Thankfully (hopefully) the problem has been resolved now and life goes on, even though I'm still a little skittish...and I'm wearing slippers these days instead of going barefooted around the house.

Maybe things will settle down now and I can get back to posting more often.

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Leslie said...

I'm so sorry you have been feeling badly. I'm also really sorry to hear about the mouse! Yikes! I do hope both the crud and the mouse are gone very soon!!!

Hugs to you!

PS Thank you for your prayers for Daniel!