Monday, June 22, 2009

Babies and Memories

My new little great-great nephew was born today (boy...that makes me feel OLD). I just saw some photos of him and he is a precious little doll.

Whenever I see pics of little ones, it always makes me think about Bonnie Kate and remember what she was like as a baby. I went in search of her early photos and found a few of my favorites.

Bonnie Kate came here wanting to talk. In this photo she was about two months old and already carrying on a her own language, of course.

Check out the curl on the top of her head! I'm sure that I will have to answer for that one

A friend brought the bib to Bonnie Kate from New Orleans. It said "I can't talk yet, but I have an attitude." Boy, was that the truth...and still is!

Here is out little ballerina in training...searching for just the right toy.


You have no idea how many photos I had to take to get this one. She was eleven months old her first Christmas and fascinated by all the gifts and decorations on the tree. Our sweet Bonnie Kate was our best gift ever!

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