Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Learned Something New Today

My family loves baby carrots. We eat them raw...plain or with ranch dressing used as dip...and we eat them cooked...steamed, then topped with a little butter and brown sugar or honey. There is usually a bag or two of baby carrots in my refrigerator veggie bin.

But I did not know until today that not all baby carrots are baby carrots.


Yeah, that was kind of my reaction too. It seems that some (probably most) baby carrots that we buy are actually baby-cut carrots, which are cut down from larger carrots. Supposedly, if they are not true baby carrots (those who are harvested while still young) it states "baby-cut carrots" on the bag.

Apparently there was an email going around telling people that baby carrots were not safe to eat, but Snopes debunked that. If you are interested in reading about the process that is used to make baby-cut carrots, click here.

Now you learned something new today too.

This public service announcement was brought to you free of charge. : )

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Deanna said...

Who knew? Now we do!