Saturday, November 7, 2009

Raining Leaves

Today was a beautiful fall day here in Mississippi. We typically don't have much of a from summer's heat and plowing into winter's cold. So when the weather is this nice, we have to get outside to enjoy.

There are a lot of trees in our neighborhood. We have a few in our back yard and all of our neighbors have them in abundance. As I sat on our back porch and watched BK play, I could hear the wind coming through the neighbor's yard to the west of our house. Slowly the leaves began to rustle and then the tempo increased, moving closer and closer to our yard.

When the wind finally made it to our trees, the leaves started to flutter and rain down in our yard. BK was delighted. She squealed and she ran back and forth trying to catch them. Then as suddenly as it came, the wind moved on to the next neighbor's yard, sending their leaves flying as well.

I was glad that I had my camera in hand to capture the moment.

One more example of simple joy...experienced through the eyes of a child. What could be better?


Moxie said...

Aww how CUTE! We all should take a lesson from our kids and get out and ENJOY ourselves more!! The JOY of the Lord is truly our strength!!

~ said...

Thanks for your sweet comments. :)


Cara said...

What a great moment! So neat that you were able to capture it on camera! We don't have much of an autumn here in Houston either...but I just noticed today that a few of the trees are starting to turn a little yellow. Hooray!