Friday, April 25, 2008

A Divine Appointment

Mike left last night on a Greyhound going to Georgia to see his mother. When he got to the bus station, they told him that the bus was full and he might not have a seat. He went ahead and got his ticket...and waited to see if he could get on. He managed to get the LAST seat on the bus. This morning he shared something with me that happened sometime in the wee hours of the morning and I understand why it was important that he be on that particular bus. I am so in awe of our mighty God. Here is Mike's story....

"I had noticed a young couple on the bus a few times get off during rest stops. They had a little baby with them. When we got to Atlanta, everyone got off the bus. They were sitting in the little dining area of the bus station, and there were no other tables. I really wanted some coffee, so I asked if I could sit with them. The guy said yes. He was holding the baby...the girl had stepped away for a minute.

I know that everyone is lost without Christ, but these two “looked” lost. They had a weary look about them—I’m sure part of that was due to the bus trip with a baby. I kept looking at that baby; I guess I was missing BK. Anyway, I asked him where they were headed, and he told me SC. He asked me where I was from, and where I was going; I told them that I was going back to my hometown area to see my mom, and that she was probably soon going to go home to the Lord (I don’t know why I said it like that, I just did).

The girl was the real talker, and she started telling me that they were going back home to live with her mother. They had had a hard life, seemed like good kids, just made quite a few mistakes. Both of them were worried—or scared—about going back. I started asking about the girl’s mother, and found out that she is a Christian. Neither of them had fathers, though I didn’t ask the details. Apparently the girl left on rather bad terms.

I just had the urge to pray for them and their baby (she was two months old). We were sitting in a corner of the dining area, away from everyone else. I prayed, “My Father, protect these three tender lives. Draw them to You and let them know Your love, that they can always come home to You.” They looked up at me, almost like I was crazy. Robert, the guy, said something to the effect of, “You act like you know God.” I said, “Well, I do. I’m a Christian. You can know Him too.” They looked at each other and their eyes got big, and I tell you, it was like a LIGHTBULB went off over both of their heads.

They both asked, “How??” I got to lead both of them in the sinner’s prayer! We prayed simply, “Lord Jesus, I believe you died for my sins though You didn’t deserve to die. I trust You with my life and ask you to save me. I want to know You. Amen.” Both of them were crying after that, and I almost did. I’m about to cry just writing this.

Jenny, the girl, wanted to call her mom and tell her, but they didn’t have a way to call, so I let her borrow my calling card and she called. I actually got to speak to her Mom, and let me tell you, she was happier than I can describe. Some people around us were probably looking at us like we were crazy, but oh well, that’s the price you pay I guess. They were leaving on a bus later than mine, so Robert walked me outside to the bus when it was time for me to go, and thanked me profusely. We hugged and shook hands. After the bus started and the lights were out, that’s when I cried. I came over here thinking about the nearness of death and got to see new lives! How cool is THAT?

Please pray for Robert, Jenny, and Allison Grace (appropriate, yes?)"



Elysa said...

OH WOW!!! I've got happy tears happening over here, as well. I'm rejoicing for the new lives in Christ and I'm rejoicing that Mike got to be a part of something so eternally awesome!!!!


Praying for Mike as he's with his family.

Love you all,

Priscilla said...

I'm sitting at work with tears streaming down my face! I really needed to hear that story. Thanks for sharing. I think I've forgotten lately just how much God wants to be involved our lives.

We will keep Mike and his family in our prayers.

Love you all,

Anonymous said...

PRAISE THE LORD! The Heavens rejoice!

The family of 3 and Mike are in my prayers...thank you for sharing...both literally and figuratively, the love of Jesus.

Josh said...

that was beautiful.
amazing God...amazing God.