Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Having a Ball

This Saturday will be BK's last soccer game. When her dad and I were trying to decide whether or not to sign her up, one of the obstacles in our minds was the fact that she is so young. After all, does a three-year-old REALLY need to play soccer? Now that we are on this side of the experience, I am so glad that we let her do it because she has had a ball...literally. : )

The importance of sports, just like many other things in life, depends on the individual. For BK it has helped her confidence in herself. I can see it in the way she handles herself on the field and I can see it off the field as well. She has always been an independent little thing, but now that has really increased. She is truly our little, big girl.


Anonymous said...

i was just googling my name and your blogger came up. and ironically enough the soccer comment caught my eye b/c i played soccer all through high school. i am 26 and more than anything want to settle down and have a family but god seems to have me be a career woman for now.. so who am i to resist.. after reading your blog and seeing that you have a precious little girl at the young age of 40 gives me hope that i shouldnt be in such a rush to settle... thank you. yours truly, Deidra Ball

~Deidra~ said...

Thanks for your comment's always good to see another Deidra! : )