Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Change Has To Come

My husband teaches in an inner-city school.  Today there was yet another fight in his classroom, but today one of the kids shoved another kid into my husband.  He was thrown off balance and fell, hitting his head on a desk. Fortunately he is okay...this time. 

Y'all...seriously...there is something wrong with this picture.

There is no way that a teacher can effectively teach in this kind of environment. It is so sad, because for many of these students, this is their last chance at having an education. They just don't realize what they are throwing away.

I don't have any answers...just lots of questions. 


Moxie said...

Well God BLESS you and your husband for being smack in the middle of the front lines!!! Some of those kids WILL make it....but many will's for the ones that will make it that the effort will come to fruition one day! I pray with you guys that God continues His supernatural protection over your DH's position and continually gives him strength and wisdome! (((HUGS)))

Mandye said...

Deidre-HOW SCARY! I am so sorry this happened and glad that he's ok! Praying that he plants some seeds in the lives of these children. What a warrior he is for teaching in that environment!!!