Monday, March 16, 2009

Coming of Age

I went to Wal-Mart this afternoon.  As I looked at my list, I realized that the bulk of the list was comprised of things for my four-year-old.  

Kid's shampoo (a first for her since we have always used baby shampoo)
Colored floss picks
Fluoride mouth rinse
Bubble bath  

When I got home, I pulled each item out and showed her. She was SO excited! I was excited for her.  It's so much fun having a girl.  We had to carefully open each thing and let her see and smell...over and over.  

As I put her things up, I couldn't help but smile. One day, my baby girl turned into a toddler...and then when I wasn't looking, she grew into a pre-schooler. Now she has her own corner in the bathroom cabinet for her stuff. 

Later we giggled as I rolled up little pieces of a napkin to put between her toes so I could polish those tiny toenails pink.

Sugar and spice and everything nice
That's what my sweet girl is made of...  

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Deanna said...

How fun! When my niece was little and she would come spend the night we used to do these things. Now I have brand new twin nieces who are three months old. I can't wait for them to get old enough to come over and do fun girly things!