Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Left Turns

Today while I was taking BK to story time at the library, I started thinking about how many left turns I have to make. When I pull out from my street onto the main road, I have to turn left. Then to pull into the library I have to turn left.  All of these left turns require me to stop and wait for oncoming traffic...sometimes from both directions.

Last year I had a car accident while I was pulling out to make a left turn (the accident was TOTALLY not my fault, but that is another story for another post).

So today I was kind of thinking that it is just not fair that I have to make so many left turns...you know how it goes..."why can't life just be easy?"

Then I felt really dumb when I realized that I have just as many right turns as I do left turns...that is if I want to go back home.  Duh!

I wonder why we focus so much on the irritations in our lives, but the blessings are often overlooked...as if we just expect them to be there?  


Anonymous said...

That's what I been talkin' bout. Life is too short to always look at the negatives (or left turns). I try, oh--do I try, to look on the bright side, to give folks the benifit of the doubt, to give thanks every morning for the fact that I (unlike some folks) woke up. AND, although I am no spring chicken, I am able to crawl out of bed. Some cannot.

Elysa said...