Wednesday, December 26, 2007


My grandson went to see A Christmas Carol this year and now his favorite saying is "God bless us all...every one!" Just like Tiny Tim, his heartfelt wish can't help but put a smile on even the most hardened scrooge.

My family is blessed beyond measure. Are things perfect? No...I assure you that they are not. Are we rolling in money? Nope. Do we all get along...all the time? Umm...can't say that we do.

But we are blessed nonetheless.

Baby girl is feeling blessed with her new doll house. I arranged it so perfectly (or so I thought), only to have her rearrange it...again...and again. Oh well, I guess that shows a creative mind. By the way, mommy doll has spent most of the day in the kitchen, while daddy doll has lounged on the bed. Don't ask me what that's about.


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