Sunday, December 2, 2007

Helping The Fatherless

"Are you ready to be stunned? The United Nations counts 143 million kids around the world as orphans. 143 million innocent children are waiting for love and support. That statistic simply makes my heart ache. The Orphan Crisis Recognizing that the severity of today's orphan crisis is bigger than any one organization, Focus on the Family has joined together with FamilyLife and Shaohannah's Hope to launch a long term, nationwide campaign called Voice of the Orphan™. This campaign seeks to raise the awareness of the orphan crisis and spur fellow Christians to action." Jim Daly, President and CEO, Focus on the Family

This quote is from an email that I received this morning. Like Jim Daly, it makes my heart ache as well.

If you have ever thought about adopting, but have been intimidated by the process, there are some excellent resources out there. One is the website

On this website, there is also a great document to download called The Eight Steps of Adoption.

God is calling His people to make a difference in these children's lives...with prayer, giving...and maybe even opening our hearts and homes to offer a child a family.

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