Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fun Night

We let BK stay with one of my sisters last night so we could have a "date night." BK was super excited about her first sleep-over. After she left with with her aunt, Mike and I went in search of dinner out...somewhere we had never tried. We ended up at the Fresh Market Cafe on Spillway Road.

Oh boy, it was good! The place is set up cafeteria-style. Immediately after picking up our trays and utensils, we faced a variety of desserts that made our mouths water...but we decided to wait and see if we still wanted some after eating. They offer several different meats and side dishes...and a choice of a yeast roll or cornbread. The servings are hefty...and it is oh so good...tastes like homemade. Needless to say, there wasn't room for dessert, so we skipped it...but the banana pudding and pecan pie sure did look good.

After dinner, we hopped in the van and realized that we had no idea what to do on a Friday night alone. We ended up stopping at the new bowling lanes close to the restaurant, just to look around since we've never been there. I thought we might shoot some pool, but their one table was out of order. Bummer. Then we went to Borders at Dogwood to do one of our favorite things...look at books! We each got a few books and found a comfy chair to look at them. It was kind of fun just hanging out. Of course, Mike had to get a cup of latte' before we left. It was a refreshing night out as a couple...and one that was badly needed.

I had told my sister that if BK had trouble staying with her all night, to call me no matter how late it was. Around midnight, Mike and I were still up watching TV, when the phone rang. So we headed back out to go get her. I guess she is not quite ready for that adventure yet. Truthfully, I'm not sure WE were ready for it either. I think we slept better knowing that our little munchkin was in the room across the hall.

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