Saturday, July 26, 2008

Restaurant Quality?

I've noticed something strange lately on a few TV commercials. To describe the goodness of certain food items, the commercials claim that they are "restaurant quality."

The reason this seems strange to me is that once upon a time, the standard of goodness was "as good as homemade." When did restaurant quality trump homemade?

Today I was thinking about this strange paradigm shift and I decided that it is due to the fact that we have raised a generation of women who do not cook. They eat out. They drive-thru. They thaw out and heat up. But they don't cook. Either they don't want to...or they don't know how.

I love to cook so much that I guess I just don't understand why a wife and mother wouldn't want to prepare a home-cooked meal for her family. Even after all these years of cooking, it is such a wonderful feeling of satisfaction in hearing yummy noises around the table and knowing that my efforts are being enjoyed.

I have always said "If you can read, then you can cook." There are some great cookbooks out there...and the Internet is FULL of recipes. You can Google any food your heart desires and instantly have a hundred recipes for it.

Restaurant quality?

Hmph....give me home-cookin' anytime!


danielle polk said...

YIKES! I desperately want to like to cook- but I just don't. I have visions of being a wonderful cook and having fabulous meals prepared each evening- but I just don't. My mama tried very hard to teach me to cook, to which I explained to her that I was going to have a maid who would do all of that for me (this makes me snicker now.) We're not financially able to eat out every night, but I am a thaw out and heat up kinda cook most nights.
I always say to my cousins at Thanksgiving... Who's going to cook all of this stuff? We don't know how! I guess we'll just have to order it out... the shame.
Soooo,I said all that to say, does it count if I make it a point to eat at the table together and not at the tv?

~Deidra~ said... does count that you sit at the table with your family! It's staggering the number of families who don't eat any meals together. If you ever want some pointers, I'll be glad to help if I can. : )