Monday, July 28, 2008

What I Most Want You To Know - Timing Is Everything

Today's guest blogger is my sister Debbie. She has always been an inspiration to me...showing that no goal is ever too big...and that I can do anything I make up my mind to do.

Timing Is Everything

When it is the right time, the Lord will show you the way. Your job is to have faith.

At age 40, after working 20+ years at insurance offices as a secretary, I was given the opportunity to start my own insurance agency. However, this is not something that I was actively looking for.

When I divorced, my boys were 12 and 7 years old and because they were active in every sport out there, I spent all of my time going back and forth from practice and games - times two. I guess being so busy with them saved my sanity. I could not have taken on a job that had me out at night on appointments. I was not satisfied in my job but knew in my heart that this was where I needed to be at that time in my life, so that I could spend time with them.

In 1988, one of my friends became an agent with a good insurance company. I called her to see how she was doing. She told me that I needed talk to this company and start my own agency. I called her manager, made an appointment with him the next day and was hired. Later, I found out that I was the first divorced female my company had ever hired. This manager will always be a hero in my mind as he gave me this great opportunity. Within three weeks, I was in Montgomery, Alabama for training.

When the time is right, things just fall into place with no effort. At this time my boys were 20 and 15, clearly capable of cooking themselves a hot dog or pizza if I was out at night...and I was out at night a lot. The first two years, I put in a lot of 12-14 hour days. This was a HUGE step for me as I knew that I had to make money and this was a commission job. I had no safety net to fall back on. I HAD to make it. I knew I could do it; I just had to have faith in myself and know that this was what my Lord wanted me to do. My first month on the job, I almost doubled my old paycheck.

God has been good. In January of this year, I celebrated my 20th anniversary with my company. Although I am now 60 years old, I have no plans to retire as I love what I do. I have been fortunate to have my oldest son work with me for the past 19 years and cannot imagine what I would do without him. I am also blessed with wonderful customers who have, over the years, become friends.

Another milestone this year is the birth of my first grandchild (my boys are slow starters). I had no idea that I would love this little person so much.

Bottom line, (and I say this a lot as folks who know me will tell you) keep your eyes, mind, heart and soul wide open so that you will recognize the opportunities that God sends you. Don’t be afraid to go out there on a limb. If it is where you are supposed to be, the limb will not break. Have faith.

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Fran Kelly said...

Thank you for the reasurrance that even at my age (44) I can start a new career. I've got a burning desire to start something and wondered how others would see me doing such a thing. I believe God is directing me and will continue to pray and see doors open.