Saturday, June 28, 2008

Amazon Wishlist

Here is a peek into my wishlist.

This Chicago Metallic Professional Nonstick 24-Cup Mini-Muffin Pan looks like it would be perfect for making lots of mini-muffins at one time. It has great consumer ratings and should last for years and years.

This book was recommended from a trusted source as a great tool to help with that all-important job of disciplining the little ones.

I found this Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 crockpot because I was looking for a smaller one after realizing that mine is just too big for most of the things I cook, causing it to cook way too fast. I LOVE the fact that this model has three crocks of different sizes, eliminating the need for more than one crockpot.

Now I just have to save up...or leave the items on my wishlist long enough that I don't want them anymore (that happens sometimes).

1 comment:

Elysa said...

Oooh...that crockpot is so cool with the 3 different sizes!