Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It's Relative

BK is attending swimming lessons this week. Today is the second day and even though she is having fun, she has cried both days. I'm not sure what the tears were for...and I'm not sure that she knows either. New place...new faces...new experience...could be many things. I learned a long time ago that I will never understand all the fears of a three-year-old drama-queen-in-training.

The pool that they are using is very shallow at one end (like ankle-deep) and is three feet deep at the other end. I'm sure that seems very deep to someone who is only about three feet tall...it's all relative, you know?

Today I started thinking about that in relation to my life. I may think that I am over my head in a situation...just treading water to survive. I can only imagine my big God looking down to see me floundering around in what amounts to the kiddie pool and smiling because he sees the whole picture. He knows the plans He has for me...plans to give me hope and a future. If I can just learn to look through eyes of faith.

After all...it's all relative.

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