Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Brave Girl

Today was BK's last swimming lesson for the summer. It started out as a rocky journey...the first few days she was in tears...and so were we. But each day that she went, it got better as she became more confident.

Yesterday they put them in a blow-up raft two at a time and began rocking it until it turned over and the kids tumbled into the water to teach them boating safety. Of course, they had their life jackets on, but scary is that?? I couldn't believe it when Mike told me that she was such a trooper and didn't seem afraid at all. I asked her on the way home what do you do when the boat turns over. Without hesitation she said "You sink." OMG...I laughed SO hard! I think she was trying to tell me that you go down under the water so you won't be trapped by the boat. Maybe.

Anyway, later in the lesson, the teacher had them climb up a very high slide and slide into the water. I was flabbergasted that she agreed to try it. Mike got a video on our digital camera so you can see her shoot out of the slide like a cannonball and plunge into the water...head first. Her teacher was there to pull her up out of the water and you can tell from the look on her face that even she is surprised at how brave BK was. Oh my, what a big girl my daughter is becoming!

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Anonymous said...

OMG-we are going to have to watch her. Between her and Hunter, watch out.Deb