Tuesday, August 26, 2008


My friend Elysa (a homeschooling mom of seven, devoted wife of one, and passionate lover of the Lord and the babies in Swaziland) is a great inspiration to me. What began as an email conversation between the two of us last year, has now made it to the status of an article on a homeschool website. The subject is staying sane as a stay-at-home-mom...but there are words of wisdom there for all moms who struggle to maintain their own identity amidst the demands of their loving families. I highly recommend that you check it out: http://letstalkhomeschool.com/staying-sane-as-a-sahm-and-homeschooler-to-boot/

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Elysa said...

Thanks for featuring our new website and the STAYING SANE article here at your blog, Deidra. And thanks for letting me share a bit of your heart. :)