Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Christmas Village - Kroger Cards

The Christmas Village is a ministry that offers a home to women facing unexpected pregnancies. One of their fundraisers is to offer $5 Kroger Gift Cards. These cards are reloadable and The Christmas Village will receive 5% of every food and gas purchase that you make.   

What a great way to donate painlessly, just by spending what you normally do for groceries and gas.  These cards would also make great stocking stuffers and teachers' gifts. 

You can purchase the Kroger Gift Cards online here


  • Preloaded with $5 (your net cost becomes $0 the first time you use it - there is no handling fee)
  • Can be used on both groceries and gas
  • Can be used at any Kroger store in the US
  • Can be used and reused as often as you need to purchase groceries and gas
  • Simply go to the customer service to reload the gift card prior to purchasing your groceries and/or gas.

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