Monday, April 6, 2009

Oh No You Didn't....

Sing along with me (to the tune of The Brady Bunch)...

Here's a story...of a tired lady
Who was driving home from work one sunny day.
It was close to lunch and her tot was hungry,
The drive-thru's on the way.

Okay...enough of that, but I do have a tale to tell.  

I checked out the drive-thru line under the Golden Arches before pulling in for a "fast"-food lunch.  There was only one car ahead of me...I was thinking that just maybe I could get in and out quickly.  Foolish and naive'...I know...I know.

When they finally gave me the bag of food, I checked the order before leaving the window.  BK's apples were not there.  I told the lady...she looked...she asked a co-worker...but it seems that there were no apples within reach.

Then the dreaded words..."Would you mind pulling up and we will bring them right out?"

After sitting there for almost 10 minutes (and not wanting to park, drag BK out in the cold windy weather to go inside to retrieve the apples) I decided to take a chance on depending on the kindness of a stranger.

A man was walking up to go in the door.  I got his attention and the exchange went something like this:

"Excuse me...would you mind doing me a huge favor?"
"When you go up to order, would you please tell them that there is a lady that has been sitting out here for 10 minutes waiting for her baby girl's apples?"
"Okay" (smiling as he went in the door)

At warp speed, the door flew open and out came a lady with not one, but two bags.  "Oh ma'am...I am SO sorry."

I thanked her and drove away. I checked out the bags and found two bags of apples and two apple food for forgetting us.

Mike said that he would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when the guy got up to the counter. : )


Deanna said...

I have heard of waiting for a LOT of things. But waiting on apples is a new one on me. Apples! Which come in prepackaged bags and they just have to pull out of the refrigerator. Well, at least you got free apple pies!

~Deidra~ said...

I's just insane...

Elysa said...

Ask and ye shall receive! ;)