Thursday, April 9, 2009

David Wilkerson's Message

I am on Pastor David Wilkerson's mailing list and received this urgent message from him this week. (Many of you know who he is...he is pastor of Times Square Church in NYC, which draws over 8000 people weekly, and he is also the author of The Cross and the Switchblade.)  He is well-respected and seems to be close to the heart of God. That is why this urgent message from him caught my attention.  I went online and found it on his blog.  If you have not read this message, PLEASE take a moment to go here and read it.

I sent this message in an email to many of my friends and family members, even though I do not normally spread "doom and gloom" type of emails. But, if something did happen and I had not at least let my family and friends know, I would have a hard time living with myself. I don't know whether or not I really believe that something bad is going to happen, but in the world that we live in, you just never know.  From our experience at the gas pumps after the hurricane, we learned first-hand how people panic when there is some kind of disaster.  

I have been hearing for a long time now (for over a year) from many different sources that pastors/modern-day prophets have been saying that a famine is coming to the land.  I've tried really hard not to go nuts and start hoarding food all over the house, but when I read that message from David Wilkerson, I decided that it was time to take action.  

What I have started doing is to making a really...things that I know I will use eventually...and stock up on a few of each.  I'll have to get creative about where to store it...I have a couple of totes that I can put bags of flour/sugar, etc. in to keep out any pests that might be tempted to get into it.  I'll find a few shallow boxes or even box lids and put some canned stuff in that to slide under beds.

It just cannot hurt to be prepared...and one day we might be very glad that we are.


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