Friday, April 3, 2009

Organizing Recipes & Hot Fudge Pudding Cake

I am a cookbook junkie. I love to collect them. I can sit and read cookbooks like other people read novels. It didn't take long before my cookbook collection grew too large to manage, so I weeded out the ones that were not my favorites and got rid of them. I still probably have too many, but I came up with a plan to simplify my life in the kitchen.

First, I got together all of my favorite recipes, typed them in a Word document and printed them.  Then I went to the office supply store and bought a nice Rolodex.  I cut each recipe so that it would fit and slipped it inside the plastic covers.  (If the recipe was too long, I continued on the back). On the alphabet tabs, cut little strips from a white address label and put my categories (i.e. Beef, Breads, Breakfast, Cookies, etc.).  

The Rolodex sits on my kitchen counter and is very handy to use.  The recipe stands upright so I can read it.  The plastic covering wipes clean easily.

(If you look closely at the photo, you will see my fabulous Hot Fudge Pudding Cake.)

For more ideas about organizing your recipes, read the article here.

UPDATE: I thought that you might be able to read the recipe, but then I realized that you can', not wanting to be a TEASER (lol), here is the recipe:

Hot Fudge Pudding Cake

1 c. self-rising flour
2 tbsp. cocoa
3/4 c. sugar
1/2 c. milk
2 tbsp. melted butter
1 c. chopped nuts

Combine all and stir well with a wire whisk.  Pour into a greased 9" square pan (or you can double the recipe and use a 9X13 pan).  

Now mix the following together and pour carefully over the batter:

1/4 c. brown sugar
4 tbsp. cocoa
1 3/4 c. hot water

(At this point, it will look like a pan full of watery, chocolate mess, but trust me!)

Bake at 350 for 40-45 minutes.  The layers will reverse during baking.  Server warm or cooled.


Tanner said...

Wait... did you just tease us with that fabulous recipe and not share?!?

Moxie said...

It's due to rain here ALL weekend....I know what I'll be making to keep me company while I'm stuck inside!! Can't wait to try this it sounds heavenly!

Tanner said...

Oh thank you so much for the recipe. That post above by "Tanner" was actually me. Tanner is my son and I was updating his blog and forgot to relog into my name. Ha! This recipe sounds yummy!