Sunday, April 26, 2009

Family Ties

I grew up with the heart of a nonconformist.  I've always had my own ideas about life.  I question traditions and cringe at the words "We've always done it like that before."  My response is always to ask WHY do we always do it like that.  

At times, I have resented my family putting their two cents in my personal life.  I figure that I'm grown and can make my own decisions...after all, it is my life, right? If I was cautioned about a certain decision that I was making, it was easy for me to disregard their advice because I would think that they just didn't understand.

Recently I have been remembering something my Mother used to tell me, "Nobody will ever love you like your family...NOBODY."

I've thought a lot about that lately.  

It finally occurs to me that our families know us, love us and more than likely have our best interest at heart.  If cautions and warnings are uttered, especially if the whole family feels uneasy about it, then maybe it would behoove us to pay attention and not just think that they are trying to rain on our parade.

Often we cannot see the forest for the trees.  When we are in the middle of our stuff, emotions come into play and we can lose objectivity. Sometimes it is easier for others to see what we cannot see. It is during these times that wise words, spoken in love, can be very helpful...and might actually save us from heartache down the road.

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