Monday, April 13, 2009

My Desk/My Life - Meal Planning

JoJo Tabares at Communication Fundementals posted an interesting question this morning: "What's on your desk that shouldn't be there and what does that say about your life?"


As I sit here on this early Monday morning, with an incredibly busy day and week ahead of me, I glance over at my desk and my heart sinks.  It seems that there is just not enough time or energy to do all the things that I should be doing.

Okay, I'll admit desk is a mess.  My appointment calendar is buried under papers.  There is a box of photos that I will scrapbook, perched precariously on one edge.  BK's bows, brush and a stray pair of tights are all there.  There are books to read, a button to be sewn, paperwork to be filed, along with various office supplies and other things that need to be put up and organized.

Does this reflect on my life in general?  I think that it does and I feel bad about that. However, I realized a long time ago that I am not Super Woman...not even I try not to be too hard on myself.

I would like to be more intentional about living my life, instead of just handling things as they come along. One area that I need to work on is meal planning. I have outlined my process below.

Meal Planning

1. Decide on the length of time to plan (either 2 weeks or the whole month).
2. Make a list of our favorite dishes and have the recipes handy.
3. Inventory what I have in the freezer and pantry.
4. Check the grocery sale flyer. 
5. Decide which meals I want to have based on what I have on hand and what's on sale. Write the meals on a calendar, planning for leftovers.
6. Make a list of items that I need to buy.

See, I really do know how to do to just find the time to get it done!  : )

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JoJo Tabares said...

See it does say a great deal of our lives. But do remember that just because you would like to be more organized doesn't mean you should be at this stage of your life. If you are like me, you will remember that if you died today, you wouldn't look back at your life and said "I wish I had spent more time cleaning my desk". You'll probably say, I'm glad I spent so much time nurturing my family and contributing to the mission the Lord has me on. It's a good indicator of your life but being reflective doesn't necessarily mean we should change anything. :D