Friday, September 12, 2008

Divorce For Sale

I was driving home from a shopping trip this morning, minding my own business, when out of the corner of my eye I spotted a billboard with the giant words "DIVORCE $402." Underneath that it said something like "When your marriage is over" and then listed a telephone number. this what our society has come to? It's wrong on so many levels.

First of all, let me just state the obvious. Marriage was created to be a sacred union between a man an a woman...for a lifetime. Having been divorced, I can personally tell you that once the idea of the possibility of divorce gets firmly planted in your mind, it is very difficult to work past that. So many couples saunter up to the alter these days with the idea already in their mind before they even say "I do." It's like they tell themselves that if it doesn't work out, then there is an easy way out...what the heck...let's give this thing a shot.

It is no secret that marriage is hard work. Sure, there are fun times. Remember the "honeymoon stage" when the things that drive us crazy later in the marriage seem cute in those early days? A marriage relationship is kind of like the little nursery rhyme about the little girl who had a little curl...right in the middle of her forehead. When it's good...then it's very, very good...but when it's bad...then it's horrid. On one of those horrid days, a billboard touting such an obviously good deal on a "solution to fix all our problems" might be just the catalyst to get the ball rolling.

Is the attorney who paid for that sign concerned about the heartache that divorce causes? Does he/she care that lives are torn apart, children are emotionally scarred or that more single mothers live in poverty than any other people group in our population? No. It's all about the buck.

We live in a fallen world and as long as there are imperfect people getting married, then there will be divorce. As I said, I have been divorced, so I'm not throwing stones. I just want to say that to even entertain the idea of divorce is usually not a very wise decision if in our hearts we sincerely want to honor the commitment that we made to each other on our special days.

Sale or no sale...I mean frugality only goes so far, you know?


Elysa said...

I saw one like this on Hwy 49 this week for the first time and was also appalled! Absolutely tasteless.:(

EE said...

Divorce is one of those things in life that has a ripple effect. I have been divorced for a long time and still to this day thee are effects from that choice. Even in the most justified situations, it changes your life.

How sad it is to know that an attorney/law firm is taking advantage on the life of those that need wise guidance before the dicission of divorce is made.

And those that truly need an attorney that knows the true value of what will happen, certainly can't get it for under $500.

Sad, sad, sad.