Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Heavenly Conversation

If you had been a fly on the window of my van this afternoon, this is what you would have heard:

Me: Yep, your name is Bonnie just like my Mommy's name was Bonnie
BK: Why?
Me: That was just her name
BK: But now she's in Heaven
Me: Yes, she is in Heaven
BK: When will I go to Heaven?
Me: I hope not for a long time
BK: But why? I want to go now!
Me: Because I would be very sad if you weren't here with me
BK: will be a long 30 minutes
Me: Is 30 minutes a long time?
BK: Yes gotta love 'em! : )


EE said...

Now this will preach! Thanks for sharing that precious nuggeet. And who really knows how long 30 minutes is in "God Time"!

Many Thanks


Debbie said...

The two hardest thing for children to grasp is time and money.

Josh said...

hmph. kids.
I feel like the things they say cripple us sometimes when we try to make things more difficult than they are...No wonder Jesus wants us to be like children more than we are like adults... :)