Sunday, September 21, 2008

Is It Really Possible?

Lysa Terkeurst wrote an article for Proverbs 31 ministries telling about how, as a young, unmarried woman, she made the decision to have an abortion. She kept this secret for a long, long time, so afraid that her church friends would find out about it and reject her.

Here is a quote from her article:

"For one in three women within the church, it is one of the most painful parts of their life story. One for which they want to find forgiveness and healing, but are too afraid of being judged to share their secret with anyone. So they suffer in silence, wrapped in a cloak of shame."

Can this be true? If so, it is mind-boggling...and heartbreaking.

I have been sitting here for about five minutes just looking at the screen and reading what I have just typed...shaking my head...and trying to comprehend. It's impossible to make sense of it.

If those statistics are true, then there is a pretty good chance that someone who ends up reading this blog will fall into that category. Let me assure you that you will not find condemnation here. I don't agree with abortion, but I also know that the grief that those women live with every day is stronger than anything I can say.

My concern is not only for all the innocent lives that are lost through abortion, but also for the lives of these women who live bound by shame and regret...and I want to speak truth to you. There is forgiveness...there is love...there is healing...all waiting for you at the foot of the cross. Jesus died just for take your sins so that you can be reconciled to God the Father.

Lysa is now sharing about this dark time in her life and God is using her testimony to touch others and bring glory to His name. Sisters, if we can make ourselves transparent to other Christians and share our struggles, perhaps they will be able to share their secrets with us. The Christian community should be a safe place to open our hearts without fear of rejection...but I know first-hand that it is not always that way.

Lord have mercy on us.

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